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If your students abroad needed help, what would you do?


At Westward Consulting, our passion is crisis management. We have developed a Crisis Management Plan (CMP) for international education or study abroad offices.

Highlights of the CMP
  • 10 action steps or stages to crisis response
  • Contains minimal text, helpful tips, and simple directions
  • Concise and easy to use
  • Small and handy
  • User-friendly
  • Adaptable to international offices of all sizes (including one-person offices)
  • Content based on research, best practices in the field, and existing crisis management plans
  • Written for study abroad crises but can be used for any university traveler
  • Adaptation to your institution includes position titles, contact info, logos, etc.
What will the CMP do for you?
  • Protect students' international experiences
  • Minimize liability for the office and university
  • Provide staff peace of mind that they can respond effectively to a crisis
  • Conserve months of resources (financial and staff) compared with researching, drafting, finalizing, and implementing a CMP on your own
Why is a CMP so important?
  • Our CMP helps your university respond to crisis quickly and effectively.
  • It lays out instructions and questions, so the crisis responders are not trying to cover the bases while thinking on their feet.
  • Best practices in international ed require that universities have a plan for responding to emergencies abroad.
  • Universities have a legal and moral duty to care for student and staff travelers. 
  • CMPs help crisis managers avoid common pitfalls such as miscommunication (among crisis responders, parents, media, etc.), logistical problems, and authority conflicts.

It takes little effort to find countless new stories such as this one:
Stevenson Students Return Home After Hijacking & Robbery In South Africa

Imagine your institution responding to this crisis, notifying parents, responding to media requests, examining the repercussions of shortening or suspending the program, and above all, tending to students' safety and feeling of security. Even with a written plan in place, it would be challenging for several staff to manage this, but without a plan it's nearly impossible not to overlook important details.


Basic Intermediate Custom
$317 $597 Prices will vary
Standard Crisis Management Plan with customization of position titles, contact information, etc. Standard Crisis Management Plan with customization of position titles, contact information, etc. Fully customized crisis management plan, developed in consultation with university personnel
Crisis Management Policy Customized Crisis Management Policy
Crisis Management Practice Session with follow-up recommendations Crisis Management Practice Session with follow-up recommendations

Prices are good through August 31, 2014.

Add on a Crisis Management Policy and Crisis Management Practice Session. I strongly recommend the Practice Session, as it will allow the crisis management team to learn the plan and work through the steps before a real crisis occurs.  The Policy is recommended if you have no existing policy for crisis management or response.


We want to collaborate with your institution on other aspects of safe international travel. A few examples of how we can help:

  • assess current international travel practices
  • draft policies for international travel
  • develop pre-departure orientations
  • prepare students and staff for safe travel

Coming soon: a CMP for Study Abroad Providers and a CMP for ISSS offices