travel safety for higher education

Andrea Wagner's Portfolio

Representative samples of my work.

All work currently seen here was completed prior to forming Westward Consulting.

Crisis Management Plan (table of contents and appendices)

Crisis Management Plan I developed a crisis management plan for this international office when the staff were still reeling from several months of back-to-back international emergencies. To draft the plan, I met with university faculty, administrators, and students; reviewed prior emergency response; and researched best practices.

Crisis Response Pull Sheets

Crisis Management Plan Many aspects of crisis response can't be accounted for in a general crisis management plan – they are specific to particular crisis scenarios. Thus, I developed crisis response pull sheets (as I like to call them) – one for each major crisis situation. The pull sheets comprise questions that may apply during a particular crisis. They also assign responsibilities to crisis management team members prior to the crisis occurring.

Dossier of Security Situation for Travel Warning Countries

Crisis Management Plan I compiled this dossier for a campus committee tasked with approving or denying students' requests to travel to high-risk destinations. The dossier provided security information from several sources, helping committee members decide whether petitioning travelers were adequately prepared to travel to these countries.

Checklist for faculty leaders of student groups

Crisis Management Plan I first developed several pre-departure checklists with undergraduate and graduate students in mind. While sharing these with faculty, several remarked that they, too, would benefit from a checklist when preparing for international travel. I created this one specifically for faculty and staff leading student groups abroad, and another focusing on compliance with information security and university and government policies.

Pre-departure orientation for independent undergraduate travelers

Crisis Management Plan Many university students travel abroad each year with registered student groups or loosely-affiliated organizations. Thus, they do not participate in traditional pre-departure orientations led by the study abroad office, but it is helpful – perhaps even prudent – for the university to provide health and safety training to them prior to travel. This orientation attempted to reach those students by providing web-based information they could view on their own time.