Westward Consulting works with U.S. colleges and universities to plan for safe international travel by faculty, staff, and students.

Our mission is to assist higher education institutions with policies and procedures for international travel health, safety, security, and risk management.

Our primary services include crisis management planning, pre-departure health and safety training, developing policies for university-sponsored travel, and assessment of travel practices.

Westward Consulting approaches each project as an opportunity to adapt our experience to your institution.  We will work with staff throughout your university to develop a tailor-made solution for your unique requirements.

We have experience with large and medium-sized public and private institutions.  Westward Consulting is focused on continuing education in the field and understanding trends in international education, study and research destinations, liability, privacy, international security, risk, and compliance. 

Photo Credits: Jirka Matousek and Kristyn Emmer.


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